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Announcing as available an unmatched and very effective, proven organogel that's best described as an anhydrous, natural, vegetable oil gel. Abzorba technology represents discontinuous innovation.

Abzorba skincare is a platform (core) technology from which a vast array of very effective products can be derived and is suitable for cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and drugs including veterinary. It is very effective for burns (at all degrees), wounds, and a wide array of skin disorders etc. including vaginal products. Many anecdotal testimonials are available from scientists and doctors for solicited enquiry.
Benefits Summary 
Functionally remarkable, solution not emulsion, unmatched...
Development Summary 
A range of products have been successfully trialled in clinical environments. There is much anecdotal evidence of remarkable success. In particular success with use in moist environments. (I.e. burns, wounds, vaginal, diaper barrier) as well as sunscreens (with scientific testing performed). Many other variants have been produced.

The manufacturing process has been proven and a range of products have been commercially produced. There is room for extensive furtherance of R&D. Abzorba technology has not been patented due to the fact it cannot be reverse engineered – even with all ingredients declared to the testing facilities. However patents can be applied for should an investor require this to be done.
IP Summary 
FUTECNZ™ Limited is a registered company in New Zealand.
Information for patents has not been disclosed.  The FUTECNZ™ preference over expensive patent processes is simply to not reveal the exact process when ingredients have been shown.

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